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Extreme Fisting TV

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Studying sexual positions and perversions has been the life's work of many social scientists, including Alfred Kinsey. While Kinsey was more interested in sexual orientation, apparently some researchers at Stanford were interested in a sexual variation that few people have tried – fisting. According to them, however, 96% of people who have ever enjoyed being opened and pounded by a single hand or two, later move on to apply the same treatment to one of their friends. If you know what the 'silent duck' is and like the feel it, then maybe Extreme Fisting is the site for you.

On some fisting sites, it's the chicks who get the silent duck or the double fist / side prayer treatment. However, the fisting material that makes up this site has a slightly different focus. It's the dominating chicks at ExtremeFisting who take to plunging one or two hands into the awaiting anus of a leather-clad dude. See, I told you that this site would require liking the feeling of fisting yourself!

For those of you who are still with me, then the 54 hardcore videos to which your membership gets you access will be a delight. Truth be told, not every one of the scenes involves an open hand or two penetrating a guy's ass. Some of the excellent-quality Windows Media including some chicks fully-equipped with strap-ons, huge dildos or anal plugs to get the ass-pounding job done. In any case, the guys usually have a leather mask shrouding their face and occasionally some nipple claps or a cock ring to increase their pleasure.

In addition to the videos, your membership will grant you access to 25 sets of photos as well. Most of these feature the same guys being painfully pleasured, while the babes administer it all. These are available in high-res that you can download in Zip files. One thing to note, however, is that the site limits you to 10 downloads a day.

While there is a decent amount of content available for a relatively new site, it would be nice if your membership gave you some bonus content as well. However, while there is a user-submitted section, where you can upload your favorite homemade porn, no one has done so yet and you don't get any full-access bonuses either.

For those who like femdom scenes with a focus on fisting, strap-ons and dildo fun, then Extreme Fisting may just do the trick. However, keep in mind that there aren't any bonuses and the videos are rather short.

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